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May 21, 2013
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Eat lead Traitor by Panzerfire Eat lead Traitor by Panzerfire
"I repeat, the Eagle's nest has been evacuated, Eagle is on her way to the fortress. Staying at our position until all civilians of the area have been evacuated and retreat then to secondary FOB. Over." the soldier spoke into his radio.

Tracer-ammo lit up the sky and fighter jets were drawing trails of chaff and flares behind them. The two soldiers instinctively got down a bit as a F22 flew over, not even two-hundred meters above them, an EF 2000 not far behind him, firing his canon.

"Shit. That this would escalate so quickly. Parts of the city allready look like we are back in 1945." one soldier said, holding the EADS-Bullseye-MANPAD on his shoulder. This MANPAD was nearly identical to the US-Stinger system, only that the warhead was about 1 kilogramm smaller, and the range had been extended by nearly two kilometers compared to the American counterpart, as was the maximum speed.

The other soldier, the observer for the first one, spit his chewing tobacco into the next gully.

"Yeah, man. Now the crap really has hit the fan. But from what I've heard we are even lucky. Paris or London were hit much worse. London looks just like after the Blitz, the Buckingham Palace is on fire and the Eifel Tower is down too." He looked around, searching for possible helicopter attacks like in Canada, just as did the short-range radar on the Boxer-wheeltank with its AA-gun to their side, drawing its circles and scaning the sky for any threats.

The other soldier looked around, seeing a group of frightened civilians that were were running for all it was worth, escorted by two police-officers to the next subway-station.

All of a sudden the radar of the tank stopped its circular movement, fixing on an object to the side of the soldier's view.


The AA tank started firing but the machine was allready too near, overshooting the group and directly towards its target. The turret of the tank followed suit and did not stop firing, hot cartridge cases were expelled and hitting the asphalt. But just a few bullets hit the Tankbuster, black smoke errputing from one engine.

But it was too late. The A10 dropped its deadly cargo, several 200 pound bombs. Some missed. But even more did not, hitting the decade old building. It was like the bombs had went off in all parts of the building at the same time, shattering every piece of glass of the building, including the world famous dome on its top, a representation for the openess of the policy of this nation(at least that is what it's supposed to look like) .


The other soldier did not loose a second, readying his MANPAD on his shoulder and getting the enemy machine into his sight.

" EAT LEAD, TRAITOR! he yelled as he pulled the trigger, sending the missile on its way.

By :iconmtt3008: who also commisioned this picture.

Holy Peanut Butter! Why America? I thought we were allies! :iconomgnoesplz:

It's pretty much obvious what you see in the picture but in case you wish to have it on written, the USA has made of Berlin another shooting gallery. A-10s and F-22s dropping their bombs everywhere as the Bundeswehr makes a desperate effort to fend off the attack. Unfortunately it was not enough to prevent the Reichstag building from getting a new remodeling. @_@

This is all part of a story MTT3008 is writing in which the NATO alliance collapses and the US goes to war with the rest of the alliance.

HAHA! You didn't see that coming! did ya? :D First picture ever with Americans as the antagonists!

Finally after months of lying around in my drawing desk I got around to finish it..... several weeks ago! Pretty much the last month was spent working on this project. I had both loads of fun as well as some days in which I just wanted to just be done with it. Drawing the Reichstag on paper was a b*tch. Not gonna sugarcoat that part. But I'm extremely happy that this picture turned out the way it has. This may very well be my best work ever (For now ;) ).

BTW, this may not be the last time I draw the Reichstag in dure circumstances. But no promises for the near future. ;P

I'm sorry for the long delay but when 2013 started, I kinda wasted my time playing Kerbal Space Program. And then I teamed up again with a few friends for that comic project and then came the whole learn how to use After-effects and here we are, almost about to hit June. Hopefully I can do my future projects at a much faster pace and not relapse again into another art/motivation block. ^^;

I hope you guys like it. Even if it's the yanks causing trouble this time. ;)

Next is the art trade with :iconevov1:

See'ya in the Battlefield! :salute:
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PAPhilly Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014
Kim Campbell will survive!!!…
Panzerfire Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

...maybe her adventures end tonight. :iconikilleditplz:

An A-10 can take a beating but there's only so much it can take. ;P
ComradeCommander234 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  New member
Fun Fact: Germany would never be able to sustain a full on war with America.
Reason: American Main Battle Tank would rip through German armor with ease, a EF 2000 would never be able to keep up with a F-22. What A-10 committed was dumb, he could have just shot the AA-gun with a Hellfire missile from a distance. Along with using the 30mm gun in strafing runs need to start from a distance. 
Panzerfire Featured By Owner Edited Nov 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't really feel much like engaging in this sort of "versus" debates so I'll try to keep it short.

America would definitively trash Germany on a 1 on 1 war but not because of the reasons you've stated. America has the superior military in terms of numbers and assets to sustain a long and prolongued overseas conflict well beyond its territories while maintaining a stable security condition in the homeland and even a few more frontlines. That's a strategic superiority no country on earth currently has. It's Naval and Air Powers have an ability to airlift large amounts of troops around the globe and to also keep them well supplied at all times.

Germany on the other hand, has a rather minuscule army. Little more than a shadow of what it used to be at the end of the Cold War. It doesn't have the same strategic airlift ability of the US, it doesn't have bombers, aircraft carriers not even destroyers.

America obviously has the strongest military. However, on technological terms I'd say Germany and the US are rather on par. I'd even go ahead and say Germany has a bit more experience in Armor technology. To suggest that "American Main Battle Tank would rip through German armor with ease" is a gross understatement. The F-22 clearly is a better fighter and in the hands of the best pilots (Which I'll asume they are just for the sake of ensuring the top fighters are in the proper hands) an extremely dangerous machine. The Eurofighter is not be taken lighty however:…

I do agree with the last bit 'though. The A-10 should have knocked off the AA first, THEN hit the other targets. It would have used an AGM-65 Maverick 'though since I've been told that is the usual payload it is given. Hellfires however are indeed able to be mounted on the A-10 hardpoints.

But I got paid to do this pic as exactly as it is..... so I really didn't have a choice there. ;P

In the end I wanted to keep it short and I wrote a wall of text. FML.
PAPhilly Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014
I think that in terms of COMBAT armour experience, the US has Germany beat by a JP-8 fueled mile since the Abrams has seen multiple conflicts while the Leopard has next to none (although I did hear the Canadians were very please by their performance in Afghanistan)
WeloveKim Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014
The Eurofighter and the Raptor maybe are not the same generation of fighter planes, but due to its delta wing design, the Eurofighter can keep it up with the Raptor. In fact, some Raptors got killed during past Red Flag excersises, by Eurofightes and even Rafales.
In terms of armor, fun fact, the Leopard 2A5 and M1 Abrams are sharing the chassis, I think. That's what my buddy at the Heer told me. This, and the fact, that the Boxer's are mostly in maintenance. :D
Gunfighter23 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Panzerfire Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Gunfighter23 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
please tell me you've seen that video?
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