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September 2, 2008
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Panzerfire's camo pack by Panzerfire Panzerfire's camo pack by Panzerfire
And a new update of the Camouflage Pack is out!

This pack includes the following ABR files:

BDU Camos.abr (Contains 4 "Woodland" brushes, 3 "3-color desert" brushes and 4 "6-color desert" brushes).

*Updated*Digital Camo.abr (Contains 23 brushes. #1 to #5 are random dots while #6 to #12 are more "camo" looking. #13 to #19 are the same as #6 to #12 but horizontally inverted and shifted 90º. #20 to #23 are Tiger Stripe based digital camos, these are ment to make the pattern present in the USAF's ABU. This also contains 2 extra brushes with the USMC and the USN logos, for those looking to make MARPAT and NWU camo with top detail ;-) )

DPM Camo.abr (Contains 8 brushes)

Flecktarn.abr (Contains 11 brushes)

*New*Flora Camo.abr (Contains 16 brushes. Two original patterns #1 and #2 while the rest up to #8 are variantions in which the patterns have been inverted horizontally and/or Vertically. #9 to #16 are zoomed in version of the early 8 brushes. All brushes are divided in 8 sets of 2)

*New*Lizard Camo.abr (Contains 20 brushes. #5 to #20 are all variants of two patterns. These are not my best brushes and hopefully a future update will have another set that's more detailed and has a better quality)

Multicam camo.abr (Contains 14 brushes. #8 to #14 are expanded portions of the larger camos #1 to #7. This may be a rather complicated brush to use but the nature of Multicam makes it complicated. I tried my whole best in making these as simple and easy to use as possible)

*New*Tiger Stripe Camos.abr (Contains 16 brushes. #1 to #4 represent a whole set. #5 to #8 are the same but inverted. #9 to #16 are zoomed-in versions of #1 to #8. All brushes are divided in 4 sets of 4)

BTW, I've made the Digital Camos following this tutorial: [link] by :icondaisukekazama:

To Install: Simply unzip the file to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Presets\Brushes and Voíla. Ready for use.

Other camos such as those from Russia will also come to provide more variation. I'll also give it a try at the UCP variant used in the Airman Battle Uniform of the USAF and the Tiger Stripes camo.

Please don't ask for WW2 camos. =P I'm already buggered enough with modern day camouflages :lmao:

All these brushes were made following this tutorial: [link]

Note regarding the 6-color desert "chocolate chip" effect, the Multicam green and brown gradient effects, Tiger Stripe, ABU and Flora/VSR proper use:

-First, for the Choco chip effect of the 6 color desert camouflage patterm, you need to apply the "Chocolate Chip Black/White" brush and then apply it's opposite version exactly on top. This may require a few attempts.

-It's the same story for brushes #4 to #7 and #11 to #14 in the Multicam series, to achieve that gradient effect that's so charactheristic of Multicam. Try doing it with a 100% zoom and be observative of the silhouettes of the brushes. May take a few attempts. I apologize but this is the easiest way I could find to do this sort of camo using brushes.

-And.... it's also the same for Tiger Stripe, it's Digital counterpart (The ABU pattern) and the Russian Flora/VSR patterns. In Tiger Stripe as mentioned before, they are divided in 4 sets of 4 brushes each. You'll only need the the first three brushes of each set while the last 4th is just an extra in case you want to use it for some other effects or camos (It should be useful for Lizard Camos). You start with Coloring the base with a color of your choice, then apply the first, second and third brushes of the set you want to use, each with a different color and that should do the trick. Try coordinating the silhouettes of the brushes like in Multicam although some freedom is allowed here. This also applies for the ABU brushes and the Russian Flora/VSR camo (Remember, this last one is divided in 8 sets of 2, it's not a particularly hard camo pattern).

To Download just click the "Download file" link located to the right of the preview.

They also work on PhotoShop CS5

I hope you guys like these. :D

See'ya in the Battlefield! :salute:
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UnwantedError Mar 6, 2014  New member
Will these brushes work with Gimp?
Panzerfire Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have been told they do.
Tevo77777 Feb 13, 2014  Student Artist
How do you select the brushes?
Panzerfire Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Select the brush tool, right click on the canvas area (The picture you're working on) and in the menu that pops in click on the little symbol that looks like a screw/nut. That will make a list appear with all your groups of brushes.

If you got these camo brushes installed in the right folder, then they should appear in the list under "Flecktarn", "Digital", "DPM", etc. Click on the group you want to use and the list of brushes in the menu should show you the set of brushes you have chosen.
Tevo77777 Feb 15, 2014  Student Artist
Yeah I already did that, but the problem is getting them the right size and then coloring them in.
Panzerfire Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
there should be a size level in that menu as well. Just do one click to paint a single pattern. I you keep clicking you're gonna just make a mess.

Just pick a patterm, select a color and click only once to put one part of the camo. Then select another pattern with a different color and repeat the process.
Thank you very much sir.
Panzerfire Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe I hope these brushes are of any good for you. :)
how can i make these open in photoshop cs6?
Panzerfire Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Just unzip the files to the folder where the brushes are. Start up PhotoShop and they should be there along with the other brushes.
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