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You have been naughty by Panzerfire
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You missed one by Panzerfire
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You missed one :iconpanzerfire:Panzerfire 121 56
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Chibi Mobile Gun System :iconpanzerfire:Panzerfire 44 30
The threesome by Panzerfire
Mature content
The threesome :iconpanzerfire:Panzerfire 32 31
10th Armored by Panzerfire 10th Armored :iconpanzerfire:Panzerfire 21 11
My Gallery. Go check it out... there's plenty more where these 4 pictures came from. ;)

Note: Not everybody is gonna like my stuff and if you're from the ones that don't. Save your comments for yourself. I'm not interested in your ranting. There are other artists out there that make art more suitable to your tastes.

Thanks for understanding. :aww:

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What a huge load of faves. And it gets bigger and bigger.
These are the artworks I deemed worth taking a deep look at. :)



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi! My Name is Panzerfire.

I'm just a regular guy who likes to draw mainly about the military. Pin ups and funny images are also something I like to get into. ;)

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You have been naughty
Forget coal. This year, Santa has a whole ammo box of 40mm grenades with your name in it. Run while you can, cuz Santa's on a rampage and there's no stopping it. Ho Ho Ho Little Stick

Merry Christmas to each one of you, you naughty bastards. xD

I decided some weeks ago to finish this old drawing from 2013. In fact I did finish this drawing on ink on the 16th of December, 2013. Talk about postponing stuff. ^^;

Anyways I hope you guys like this and that you have a good Holiday season. :santa: Next year I might just go for a pinup picture but who knows. :lmao:

I'll be getting to your comments this week. I've neglected the comments once again. I'm so sorry!
"Missile! Brake, brake!" Lieutenant Ronja Jacobson didn't need her wingman to know that, the computer is already telling her that and more.
"Spiking! Flare, flare, flare!" she responds over the com. The next second she sees a small white line fly past her. Who ever they are, they have some serious firepower. The next second a plane flies by her, definitely not a Gripen.
"Stay on him Markus, I go after the next one" she tells her wingman.
"I'm on him. I'm diving on him from above, he has nowhere to run." Ronja looks back in front of her, she had a good enough contact on the other one to fire a missile, but after the last few hours of air combat she didn't know if it was friend or foe. She had to ID it first.
She broke the cloud cover she had and looked in the direction of the contact, and there, a plane came out from the cloud in front of her. A russian Su-35, she thought. She doeasn't recognize the ID or the markings on it, but it definitely wasn't a friend. The next second it turned and climbed to try to get into the clouds again and away from her weapons.
"Oh no you don't" she says and turns after it. He have made a big mistake, and probably his last by turning first, allowing her to get on his tail. But he made the easier turn, and is making good speed to try and fly away from her, but he can't outrun a IRIS-T missile. The computer is giving her a good signal.
"Target locked. Fox 2!"

Commision from :iconimthejackel:

Yay another picture done! And more jet fighters too! Two Svenska Flygvapnet (Swedish Air Force) Saab JAS-39 Gripen (One off screen) conducting  what has become a hostile interception of two boogeys of unknown nationality. All that is known is that they're Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E. Some rather unpolite grey airmen. Haha.

I had quite a lot of fun doing this work. Never drawn a Gripen before so I am rather happy that it has turned out this good. Gotta keep drawing more fighters in the future.

I hope you guys like. Gonna start work on an older drawing I've never colored but since it's the season I thought it would be fitting to complete it. You shall see soon enough. ;)

I should still have one more commision to work on so I will be getting in touch with that person to arrange the details.

I am likely to announce taking further commisions from you guys around January. Gotta keep myself drawing like this. It's a good pace. Will be going through your comments and replies throughout the weekend.

I'll see you on the Battlefield! :salute:
En patrulla
ARA San Juan

Se dice que aquellos submarinistas que se perdieron en mar siguen en patrulla.
Tal es el caso del San Juan y su tripulación de 44. Desaparecidos desde el 15 de Noviembre, 2017.

It is said that those submariners lost at sea remain on patrol.
Such is the case of the San Juan and her crew of 44. Missing since November 15th, 2017.

Su tripulación / Her crew:

Capitán de fragata (Frigate Captain): Pedro Martín Fernández (45)

Capitán de corbeta (Corvette Captain): Jorge Ignacio Bergallo (-)

Teniente de navío (Lieutenant): Fernando Vicente Villarreal (-), Fernando Ariel Mendoza (-), Diego Manuel Wagner (38), Eliana María Krawczyk (35), Víctor Andrés Maroli (37)

Teniente de fragata (Frigate Lieutenant): Adrián Zunda Meoqui (-), Renzo David Martín Silva (32)

Teniente de corbeta (Corvette Lieutenant): Jorge Luis Mealla (30), Alejandro Damián Tagliapetra (27)

Suboficial principal (Principal Sub-Officer): Javier Alejandro Gallardo (47)

Suboficial primero (Sub-Officer First Class): Alberto Cipriano Sánchez (-), Walter Germán Real (-), Hernán Ramón Rodríguez (-), Víctor Hugo Coronel (-)

Suboficial segundo (Sub-Officer Second Class): Cayetano Hipólito Vargas (45), Roberto Daniel Medina (40), Celso Oscar Vallejos (-), Hugo Arnaldo Herrera (-), Víctor Marcelo Enríquez (37), Ricardo Gabriel Alfaro Rodríguez (37), Daniel Adrián Fernández (-), Luis Marcelo Leiva (-)

Cabo principal (Principal Corporal): Jorge Ariel Monzón (-), Jorge Eduardo Valdez (33), Cristian David Ibáñez (-), Mario Armando Toconas (36), Franco Javier Espinoza (33), Jorge Isabelino Ortiz (32), Hugo Dante César Aramayo (33), Luis Esteban García (-), Sergio Antonio Cuellar (-), Fernando Gabriel Santilli (-), Alberto Ramiro Arjona (32), Enrique Damián Castillo (-), Luis Carlos Nolasco (-), David Alonso Melián (30), Germán Oscar Suárez (-), Daniel Alejandro Polo (-), Leandro Fabián Cisneros (28), Luis Alberto Niz (-), Federico Alejandro Alcaraz Coria (27)
Cabo segundo (Corporal Second Class) Aníbal Tolaba (-)

Something quick I decided to work on. As of the moment of posting the submarine remains missing at sea and the circumstances of its disapearance remains a mistery. While some still harbour hope that the submarine may be found with its crew alive, the prolonged search and the likelyhood that the submarine may have suffered either an explosion or an implosion due to water pressure have reduced those odds to a minimum. Despite the help of 14 other nations with dedicated equipment for Submarine Search and Rescue, it remains missing. Hopefully it'll be found soon and that the ensuing investigation determines what went wrong in the hopes it does not happen again.

May their souls rest in peace (Que sus almas descancen en paz).

Will be getting to your comments later this week. Sorry that I haven't responded to your comments lately. Will be doing so ASAP.
We Fly, Bandits Die
Background music:…

Lieutenants Eric "Saber" Bradford (left) and Mark "Tex" Walker (right) of the VFA-138 "Red Ronin" shake hands after a succesful mission and landing back aboard the OFS James Wellington of the Osean Maritime Defence Force.

Commision from :iconronin201:

Two of his OCs and one of their Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornets in the background. They're part of an Ace Combat fan fiction of his.

I had quite a lot of fun doing this although I may have taken a little bit more than I initially thought it would take. But yeah this was the 1st time I draw fighter pilots with the appropriate gear (Based on actual US Navy pilot photos) and then the F/A-18E which came out pretty nicely as well. Gotta draw more fighter jets in the future and more will be coming as well. :D

Ace Combat 7 is coming soon! Get some Erusea!

Hope you guys like it. See you in the Battlefield! :salute:
Just a reminder guys. Armored Warfare will be hitting Steam later today. It's Free to play Modern tank shooter game. Basically World of Tanks with modern tanks.

Be advised 'though that they updated the game (In the original launcher) and the last update pretty much messed with the game's ability to launch matches. People are getting stuck in the "Joining the match" stage or get kicked back to the garage after a match is apparently launched. It doesn't happen all the time but it's often enough to make it unplayable right now.

They are probably working to fix this ASAP but if you guys are interested in picking this game up on Steam I advice you to wait a few days until it's been fixed for sure. I play the game under the same username as here and on the North American server. The NA server could use some more fresh meat to keep the PvP and Global Ops games running. ;)
The ground suddenly rumbles for a while until a chibi Leopard 2A6 emerges from the ground.

I LIVED BITCHES! :iconbadassplz:

Yayyyyyyy returning back from the provervial land of the dead and getting back into doing low-quality shit drawings. Again....


This is like the 12th comeback I've done in my time here in Deviantart. So yeah that's going to complicate things a bit specially concerning commisions. About a year ago I've made a commitment to make 2017 a productive year and now as we are nearing the end of it ("JESUS PANZER THERE ARE STILL TWO MONTHS LEFT") I can only look back at these past few months as another example of fails of my life. So yeah... what happened?

Well.... to keep things simple, my back started aching a lot around April and May. I thought my column had reached a critical stage and I was in need of surgery. Had x-rays taken and got checked up in a clinic and... well... my slight scoliosis (That is the condition of having a deviated column) hasn't really worsen at all since the last time I had that checked a few years ago. My pain stemmed from lack of exercise which in turn led to decreased musculature around the spine. Mix in a bit of cold air and BOY IT'S GOING TO HURT A LOT. But nothing too serious. After a few weeks the pain was gone.

What kicked in next however is..... inexcusable. I got disctracted and lost my will to draw. I became extremely unmotivated to draw and this is particularly awkward because I still have a few commisions to work on (More on that in a moment).

And to make things a bit more complicated I got a part time work through a friend of mine working on certificates as a painter assistant. Now that part time work is actually seasonal and I'm already done with that (Still awaiting the payment on that one.

So November is about to kick in and I got my motivation to draw back again even if it's just a little.

Last week I've been working on the next drawing that I'm uploading which should be sometime later today or tomorrow. Just waiting on confirmation of the commisioner. It'll be a fitting picture for the Halloween festivities. (Not actually intended for Halloween but it became a rather fitting coincidence).

Having that picture done I now have to proceed with the remaining commisions I agreed to do. Now I haven't been paid for these yet unlike the picture I just finished (Which I did got paid for) so it's not like I took their money and escaped to Vegas. :iconfoxxdplz: But so much time has passed since I agreed to do their commisions that their interest in their projects may have significantly decreased to the point they may no longer be interested in their commisions. So I will be sending out notes to those who have initially asked for commisions to see if they're still interested in me working on those. I will not be changing the previously agreed upon prices. What was 20 bucks back then will be 20 bucks today. There are about 4 people who had secured commision slots earlier this year with already agreed upon projects and prices while 1 of those 4 pulled off and still remains in the list but without any specific project  as of yet. So that means that I got three projects to work on that I know exactly what to do if the commisioners don't have a change of heart.

So until I get those three/four projects  done (Not including the one I just finished and pending the upload) I will be putting on hold taking any new commisions. This may or may not last a while depending on whether the current ones fall apart or not. After I'm done with them I will be taking fresh commisions. Same pricing as earlier this year but subject to change in the future (How much and when really depends on the circumstances but I will make sure to let you guys know well in advance).

More information on commisions can be found here: Commisions and the return of the Panzer's lounge!Comissions

Rejoice! As of today I'm opening commisions for you all! And this time Paypal is an option! :D

How to ask for a commision

To buy a commision you have to send me a note. No mandatory title is required but if you can put "Commision:..." on it, it would be appreciated. Purely for organizational porpouses.
You can ask for about anything. This time I'm not going to be picky about which type of projects I do and which I don't. 'Though let's not get way too carried away shall we? :iconiloveitmoreplz:
Your note should contain a basic idea of what the picture consists of and a list of details that I should be careful to add and/or emphasize in the picture. I will likely discuss possible options on the composition of the picture but at the end of the day the customer is king.

However you can ask about a certain project of yours and how much it could cost. Doesn't hurt to talk about it.

In other news I will be trying to be more active on the Panzerlounge (My Discord server). Link to it you can find at the bottom of the journal I just linked to. I think for the time being I will be active on the weekend days. You guys can talk about anything there but let's keep it civil. I may have to enforce some rules but I will wait to see how the server evolves.

I will also make time during the wweek and weekend to get to all your messag...... 807 MESSAGES?! 7291 DEVIATIONS TO CHECK?! :iconomgnoesplz:

Goes back to being dead.


Just kidding...

See you on the battlefield! :salute:

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kyuzoaoi Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago   Artist…

I watched this film and laughed a least more honest than a lot of Hollywood action films....:D
MartinWalker1997 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2017   Digital Artist
I always wanted to visit Germany. Unfortunately my dad is always working, even on weekends. Going on vacation (except during the summer) would mean losing his job.

Whether it's because of the language barrier or the rainy weather, it's just not a good time to visit yet.
Panzerfire Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Well hopefully you can do the visit one day. Germany may not be a big country but it does have a surpringly large variety of places. Berlin is sorta like the history hub. It's main tourism are the old building that lived through the war and the cold war. Plenty of new stuff too. Berlin is mainly characterized for grandiose stuff.

Köln (Cologne) is pretty different. Pretty festive. Don't ask for any brand of beer other than Kölsch or they'll look odd at you. xD

 I myself am from Aachen. It's a lovely city but it's mainly a university city so it's not a specifically attractive place.

Been in Hamburg once but only for a day. Big port city.

I still need to see more myself. Certainly one visit does not do it justice.
kyuzoaoi Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2017   Artist
When do you usually play Armored Warfare?
Panzerfire Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I play on the NA server. Usually on the weekends in the afternoon. But lately I'm just playing when the "Episodes" are running. And usually I play AW more frequently when those are running. After all meeting the goals of the event is a rather demanding job. xD
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Thanks for the fave, Panzer! :)
Panzerfire Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
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Appreciate that fave ;)
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Soooooo good and inspiring art..
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Well thank. I am glad you like it :D
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How's everything Mr. Panzer?
Panzerfire Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
MY supreme leader! Everything is doing peachy! No complaints here. No defectors here either.
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Thanks for the fave! Get well soon! o/
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Kim Jong-un in a pig farm.
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